Parametric reflection phenomenon in quadratic uniaxial crystals with birefringence

  • V. E. Lobanov
  • A. P. SukhorukovEmail author
Proceedings of the XI All-Russia Seminar “Wave Phenomena in Inhomogeneous Media”


Effects of parametric refraction and reflection of optical beams in uniaxial crystals have been considered with allowance for birefringence. The equation of the signal wave trajectory, taking into account the medium anisotropy, has been obtained and analyzed. Pecularities of these effects for different types of three-frequency interaction of ordinary and extraordinary waves are shown. In the presence of birefringence, the effective mismatch sign can change and consequently the cascade nonlinearity can become focusing; in this case, the effect of reflection disappears.


Tilt Angle Signal Wave Anisotropic Medium Extraordinary Wave Uniaxial Crystal 
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  1. 1.Moscow State UniversityMoscowRussia

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