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The generalized Itô–Venttsel’ formula in the case of a noncentered Poisson measure, a stochastic first integral, and a first integral


We deduce an analog of the Itô–Venttsel’ formula for an Itô system of generalized stochastic differential equations (GSDE) with noncentered measure on the basis of a stochastic kernel of an integral invariant. We construct a system of GSDE whose solution is a kernel of an integral invariant connected with a solution to GSDE with noncentered measure. We introduce the notion of a stochastic first integral of a system of GSDE with noncentered measure and find conditions under which a random function is a first integral of a given system of GSDE.

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  • Itô–Venttsel formula
  • generalized stochastic differential equation
  • noncentered Poisson measure
  • kernel of an integral invariant
  • stochastic first integral