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Catalytic branching random walks in ℤd with branching at the origin


A time-continuous branching random walk on the lattice ℤd, d ≥ 1, is considered when the particles may produce offspring at the origin only. We assume that the underlying Markov random walk is homogeneous and symmetric, the process is initiated at moment t = 0 by a single particle located at the origin, and the average number of offspring produced at the origin is such that the corresponding branching random walk is critical. The asymptotic behavior of the survival probability of such a process at moment t → ∞ and the presence of at least one particle at the origin is studied. In addition, we obtain the asymptotic expansions for the expectation of the number of particles at the origin and prove Yaglom-type conditional limit theorems for the number of particles located at the origin and beyond at moment t.

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  • catalytic branching random walk
  • a homogeneous and symmetric time-continuous multidimensional Markov random walk
  • Bellman—Harris branching process with two types of particles
  • renewal theory
  • limit theorem