Fractal Analysis of the Thermal Properties of Woven Heaters Based on Carbon Threads


In this paper, the reasons affecting variations in nonuniformity of thermal fields in heating units based on carbon threads used in woven heaters are analyzed. One of them includes involving a large number of elastic filaments into the formation of the electric resistance and side-surface area of heating units. The novelty of the study of the thermal properties of a carbon thread consists in the use of fractal methods to analyze the thermal field induced by the carbon thread. In this paper, experimental data on the multifractal spectra of the thermal fields are presented. The results of these studies can be used in testing and enhancement of the efficiency of woven heaters.

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Akhmetkhanov, R.S., Shul’zhenko, A.A. Fractal Analysis of the Thermal Properties of Woven Heaters Based on Carbon Threads. J. Mach. Manuf. Reliab. 49, 633–638 (2020).

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  • heating units
  • carbon threads
  • thermal fields
  • field uniformity
  • fractal properties
  • woven heaters.