Two-Dimensional Plastic Flow of a Flange when Deep Drawing a Thin-Walled Polygonal Prism


Two-dimensional plastic flow of a flange when deep drawing a thin-walled polygonal prism with a flat bottom of round blank provided with Mises yield criterion based on the theory of plane stress condition according to Sokolovskii is simulated. The slip lines, the stress condition, the hodograph of displacement velocities, and the dissipative function of plastic flow are calculated. The limit parameters of deep drawing are defined by the maximum tensile stress at the mold contour and by zones with negative dissipative function, which depends on the radius of rounding of mold angles and the prism height.

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  • thin-walled polygonal prism
  • deep drawing
  • flange
  • plain stress condition
  • ideal plasticity
  • slip lines hodograph of velocities
  • dissipative function