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Oscillations of the mechanical system, excited by unbalanced rotor of induction motor

Journal of Machinery Manufacture and Reliability Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The fluctuations of the mechanical system excited by an unbalanced rotor of an asynchronous AC motor are considered. Driving electromagnetic torque takes into account the relationship between flux linkage and currents in the windings of the engine.

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Original Russian Text © E.V. Niselovskaya, G.Ya. Panovko, A.E. Shokhin, 2013, published in Problemy Mashinostroeniya i Nadezhnosti Mashin, 2013, No. 6, pp. 17–23.

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Niselovskaya, E.V., Panovko, G.Y. & Shokhin, A.E. Oscillations of the mechanical system, excited by unbalanced rotor of induction motor. J. Mach. Manuf. Reliab. 42, 457–462 (2013).

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