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Improvement of Functional Properties of Alloys by Electron Beam Treatment

Abstract—This article presents an overview of Russian and Western works on the application of intensive pulse electron beams for surface treatment of metals, alloys, metal ceramics and ceramic materials. Application advantages of electron pulse beams are highlighted in comparison with laser beams, plasma flows, ion beams. Promising trends of electron beam treatment are analyzed: (1) surface smoothing, elimination of surface microcracks with simultaneous modification of structural phase state of surface layer in order to develop high performance technologies of finishing treatment of critical metal items of complicated shape made of Ti–6Al–4V alloy and titanium, steel of various grades, WC–10% Co solid alloy, aluminum; (2) elimination of micro-burrs formed upon fabrication of precision compression molds (SKD11 steel) and biomedical items (Ti–6Al–4V alloy); (3) finishing surface treatment of compression molds and dies; (4) improvement of functional properties of metallic biomaterials (stainless steel, titanium and its alloys, alloys based on titanium nickelide with shape memory effect, magnesium alloys; (5) treatment of medical items and implants; (6) formation of surface alloys for powerful electrodynamic systems; (7) improvement of specifications of blades of aircraft engines and compressor blades; (8) formation of thermal barrier coatings applied onto surfaces of combustion chambers. Upon correct selection of process variables, such as boosting voltage, electron beam energy density, as well as number and duration of pulses, it is demonstrated that thorough control and/or manipulation of characteristics of structural phase state and surface properties are possible. In order to improve material properties and to increase operation lifetime of items, the important factor is the structure modification aiming at the formation of submicro- or nanoscale grain (or subgrain structure).

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