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Reduction of Unscheduled Equipment Downtime during Maintenance and Updating on the Basis of Strength Analysis


This article discusses keeping track of unscheduled downtimes of equipment at AO Vyksa Steel Works in order to reveal bottlenecks in operation of major process equipment and to accumulate data for development of organizational and technical measures to reduce such downtimes. All downtimes are tracked by factory personnel using an automated analysis system of workshop operation. Reliability experts in workshops classified all units into two groups of performances. The first group is the severity of consequences: personnel safety, safety of equipment and ambient environment, production losses, as well as costs of elimination. The second group is probability of occurrence: high, medium, low, and very low. While determining the criticality estimation of equipment units, the most critical failure and the worst variant are considered. Classification of equipment by criticality categories is used for its ranking in terms of reliability. Operability criteria of machine elements are considered, as well as the current existing software of strength analysis. Two variants are selected, which will be used as tools of strength analysis. Unscheduled downtimes of equipment due to destruction of machine elements are considered as an example from the wheel rolling workshop of AO Vyksa Steel Works released from the automated analysis system of workshop operation. The approaches are proposed to apply the selected elements of strength analysis and the equipment elements were exposed to the strength analysis in order to improve their design reliability. The potential economic effect of implementation of strength analysis tools was estimated, which demonstrated reasonability of this innovation approach resulting in reduction of downtimes.

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This article includes the materials from the final qualification work by S.I. Bespalov, graduate of MISiS.

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