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Stress Analysis of Backup Rolls in a Wide-Strip Hot Mill Using a Modeling Method


This paper reviews the possibilities of numerical modeling for assessing the stress of backup rolls in a 2000 continuous wide-strip hot mill. Using the finite element method implemented in the SIMULIA Abaqus system, the maximum stresses in the contact area between rolls are found to occur at the beginning of chamfers. The increase in the length of chamfers is demonstrated to reduce stresses at the body edges and slightly decrease stresses at the transition point of a flat body to a chamfer. Based on the studies conducted so far, it is proposed to use backup rolls with a chamfer length of 300 mm and a chamfer depth of up to 1 mm, if the contact length of work and backup rolls coincides with the width of rolled strips contributing the largest share in the product range of a 2000 mill at PJSC Severstal.

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