Influence of pass aging in cold rolling on the structure and properties of Fe–3% Si steel


The influence of the annealing parameters of hot-rolled samples and the pass aging in cold rolling on the structure, texture, and magnetic properties of Fe–3% Si steel is investigated. The strain texture and recrystallization texture after cold rolling and subsequent annealing is more scattered when carbon is retained in the solid solution. That may be ensured by appropriate selection of the annealing temperature and cooling rate of the hot-rolled strip. The steel with maximum pass aging has the best secondary-recrystallization texture {110}〈001〉 and its magnetic properties are markedly improved. This may be attributed to the influence of carbon on the shear-band formation during cold rolling in grains of orientation {111}〈112〉.

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  • Fe–3% Si steel
  • cold rolling
  • pass aging
  • secondary recrystallization
  • texture
  • magnetic induction
  • shear bands