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Application of immersive copper coatings with high adhesive strength to steel welding wire


Immersive copper coatings deposited on steel from sulfate solution with no special additives have practically no adhesion to the base. Special materials must be selected to inhibit associated cathodic and anodic reactions in the contact reduction of Cu2+ ions on the steel. Immersive deposition of a copper substrate on the steel ensures the necessary adhesion of subsequent galvanic coatings. A process for the application of a copper coating to steel welding wire is developed.

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Original Russian Text © P.A. Tatarnikov, V.I. Kharlamov, 2011, published in “Stal’,” 2011, No. 12, pp. 35–38.

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Tatarnikov, P.A., Kharlamov, V.I. Application of immersive copper coatings with high adhesive strength to steel welding wire. Steel Transl. 41, 1029–1032 (2011).

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  • Adhesive Strength
  • Sulfate Solution
  • Copper Coating
  • Peel Test
  • Contact Exchange