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Seismic Data Separation for Simultaneous Pulse Source Operation


The article is devoted to multisource technology—a new direction in geophysics that provides high seismic performance due to the simultaneous use of several seismic sources. The main problem when working with multiple sources is separation of the interfering wave fields. To solve this, we propose a hyperbolic median filtering method, which uses the hyperbolicity of the travel-time curve of reflected waves in a common midpoint gather. Additionally, an inversion algorithm is used to adjust signal amplitudes after separation. This approach demonstrates good results with synthetic data.

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The authors thank Tesseral Technologies Inc. for providing the TesseralPro seismic modeling software. We also thank Deco-Geophysics SC LLC for providing the RadexPro software used for velocity analysis and visualization of seismic data.


This study was supported by the Russian Science Foundation, grant no. 17-77-10165.

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