Effect of the Properties of Foundry Coke on Its Destruction upon Transportation


The influence of the properties of foundry coke on its destruction in the course of transportation was studied. It was found that the rate of destruction of foundry coke samples increased by a factor of 1.23–6.14 upon transportation to distances over 900 km. The concentration of a particle-size class of 80 mm and greater decreased by 9.2–9.7%, and that of a particle-size class of 40 mm and greater increased by 0.25–1.41%. It was shown that the degree of destruction of foundry coke during transportation is influenced not only by the strength and ash content but also by the properties of coke obtained at various by-product coke plants.

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  • foundry coke
  • destruction
  • transportation
  • particle-size distribution
  • strength
  • ash content