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Statistical methods for monitoring travel agencies in the settlement system


Travel agencies are monitored based on the autoregression model, which takes into account both the external and internal factors for each agency. The dynamics of the reported indicators is used to assess the risk of an agency to go bankrupt. The numerical example illustrates the approach described.

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Original Russian Text © T.I. Aliev, M.I. Rebezova, A.A. Russ, 2015, published in Avtomatika i Vychislitel’naya Tekhnika, 2015, No. 6, pp. 5–13.

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Aliev, T.I., Rebezova, M.I. & Russ, A.A. Statistical methods for monitoring travel agencies in the settlement system. Aut. Control Comp. Sci. 49, 321–327 (2015).

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  • autoregression model
  • exogenous and endogenous variables
  • risk