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Optimization and the process of task distribution between computer system clusters


The problem of optimizing the structure and process of the query distribution between computer system clusters via the net is stated and solved. The efficiency of the dynamic optimization of query distribution, which is based on varying cluster nodes and measuring the query flow of the system in real time, is shown. This allows one to adapt it to the faults and changes in the query flow.

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Original Russian Text © V.A. Bogatyrev, S.V. Bogatyrev, I.Yu. Golubev, 2012, published in Avtomatika i Vychislitel’naya Tekhnika, 2012, No. 3, pp. 15–26.

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Bogatyrev, V.A., Bogatyrev, S.V. & Golubev, I.Y. Optimization and the process of task distribution between computer system clusters. Aut. Conrol Comp. Sci. 46, 103–111 (2012).

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  • fault tolerance
  • distributed computer systems
  • task distribution
  • cluster
  • optimization