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The Сyclostratigraphy of the Konkian Deposits of Eastern Georgia (Eastern Paratethys, Kura Basin)


The middle Miocene (mainly the Konkian) shallow marine sediments of Eastern Georgia (Eastern Paratethys, Kura basin) have been studied for the first time with cyclostratigraphy methods. Time series analysis (Lomb-Scargle and REDFIT periodograms, Gaussian filter) revealed a statistically significant signal with a 2.4–2.7-m wavelength, which most likely corresponds to the precession cycle. It was established that the sedimentation rate of the studied sediments varied from 8.75 to 13.75 cm/kyr in dependence on different sedimentation environments. It is assumed that the studied Eastern Georgia Konkian deposits (Sartaganian and Veselyankian beds) accumulated during at least 475–600 kyr. The Sartaganian Beds can be correlated with interval of the highest sea-level rise at the TB 2.5 cycle.

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This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (project no. 19-77-10075).

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