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Genetic determination of wheat resistance against Puccinia graminis (f. sp. Tritici) derived from Aegilops cylindrica, Triticum erebuni, and amphidiploid 4


Lines of winter soft wheat with introgressed new and effective Sr genes were developed as a result of interspecies hybridization at the Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute. The 85/06 line possesses the SrAc1 gene; the 47/06, 54/06, 82/06, 85/06, 87/06, 238/06, and 367/06 lines carry the SrAc1 and SrAc2 genes originated from Aegilops cylindrica; the 352/06 line has the SrTe1 and SrTe2 genes from Triticum erebuni; and the 12/86-04 line contains the SrAd1 and SrAd2 genes from Amphidipoid 4 (Triticum dicoccoides × Triticum tauschii).

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Original Russian Text © O.V. Babayants, L.T. Babayants, A.F. Gorash, A.A. Vasil’ev, V.A. Traskovetskaya, V.A. Palyasnyi, 2012, published in Tsitologiya i Genetika, 2012, Vol. 46, No. 1, pp. 10–17.

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