Numerical simulation of the laminar-turbulent transition in the flow over a backward-facing step


The capabilities of the quasi-gasdynamic equations as applied to the simulation of laminar-turbulent transitions are demonstrated by computing the viscous compressible gas flow in a channel with an abrupt expansion.

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Correspondence to T. G. Elizarova.

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Original Russian Text © T.G. Elizarova, P.N. Nikol’skii, 2007, published in Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta, Fizika, 2007, No. 4, pp. 14–17.

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Elizarova, T.G., Nikol’skii, P.N. Numerical simulation of the laminar-turbulent transition in the flow over a backward-facing step. Moscow Univ. Phys. 62, 216–220 (2007).

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  • Direct Numerical Simulation
  • Separation Zone
  • Turbulent Transition
  • Viscous Stress Tensor
  • Abrupt Expansion