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Calculation Model for the Analysis of Strength and Stability of Anisogrid Mesh Structures under Intensive Thermal Force


The procedure for the numerical study of the stress-strain state and the stability of the mesh structures of polymer composite materials under intensive force and thermal effects is considered. A simplified mathematical model of the thermomechanical behavior of the mesh structure is proposed, taking into account the reversible and irreversible changes in the physicome-chanical properties of the material during heating. The design process of computational algorithms is described.

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Correspondence to Vl. O. Kaledin.

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Original Russian Text © V.O. Kaledin, Vl.O. Kaledin, A.D. Ulianov, 2018, published in Izvestiya Akademii Nauk, Mekhanika Tverdogo Tela, 2018, No. 4, pp. 134–144.

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Kaledin, V.O., Kaledin, V.O. & Ulianov, A.D. Calculation Model for the Analysis of Strength and Stability of Anisogrid Mesh Structures under Intensive Thermal Force. Mech. Solids 53, 470–478 (2018).

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  • anisogrid mesh sheaths
  • polymer composites
  • thermo-stressed structures
  • mathematical modeling