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About the Production of Lemons Grown in an Autonomous Gabled Solar Greenhouse


This article describes the features of the operation of an autonomous trench-type gabled solar greenhouse functioning on the basis of alternative energy sources. The positive aspects of the use of an autonomous solar greenhouse with a small area of more than 100 m2 in small-scale farms are presented. The method of long-term high-quality storage of a lemon harvest grown in the designed solar greenhouse is described for the mountainous conditions of the Kashkadarya oblast. Calculations are given to determine the technical and economic efficiency of using an autonomous trench-type solar greenhouse for small-scale farms. Marketing of citrus fruits was carried out in the domestic market of Uzbekistan, on the basis of which it can be said that in the 6th year of operation, when selling lemons in summer, the net profit will be about ~70 million soms. This profit was obtained when selling 1750 kg of lemons stored according to the proposed method from mid-November to July.

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The study was carried out at the initiative of the authors.

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