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A Device for Remote Monitoring of Solar Power Plant Parameters


The need for application of a device for online remote monitoring of electrical parameters and the operability of photovoltaic converters of solar power plants is justified in the context of the problems encountered in the Sevastopol Solar Power Plant (S. Energy Sevastopol LLC) operation. A structural diagram of the device showing the connection and purpose of its main functional components is presented. The circuit is based on an ATmega 328p microcontroller, which transfers processed data from the sensors to the server by sending a GET request using a W5100 Wiznet Ethernet controller. Such a solution allows for a high data transfer rate—up to 25 Mbps—and provides a simple connection to the Internet independently from operating systems and external computers. The characteristics and performance analysis of galvanically isolated sensors used in the device are presented, such as a current sensor based on an Allegro ACS712 integrated current sensor, and a voltage sensor based on the transistor optocoupler. The results of the device operation illustrating the photovoltaic plant daily operation on a sunny fall day are provided. The device provides for continuous monitoring of the operation of the photovoltaic converters with long-term storage of measured values in graphical and numerical form, which makes it possible for operational and dispatching personnel to visually analyze the plant operation, monitor its performance, compare key performance indicators of various sections, and obtain production reports by periods with plotting of curves, as well as receive alarm signals.

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This work was financially supported by an internal grant of Sevastopol State University project number 522/06-31.

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