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Experimental study and analysis on novel thermo-electric cooler driven by solar photovoltaic system


Experimental study and analysis on thermoelectric cooler driven by solar photovoltaic system has been carried out. Here the research attention is on testing of system performance under solar insolation. Experimental results revealed that unit could maintain the temperature in the cooler at 10–15°C and have a coefficient of performance (COP) of about 0.34. Analysis of thermoelectric cooling system has been conducted on the basis of COP, cooling capacity and environmental issues. Further investigations verified that the performance of the system is a function of solar insolation rate and temperature difference of hot and cold sides of thermoelectric module etc. There subsist most favorable solar insolation rate which allows COP and cooling production to be maximum value respectively. It is anticipated that the cooler would have prospective for cold storage of vaccine, food and drink in remote and rural areas or outdoor conditions where electricity is not available.

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