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, Volume 38, Issue 11, pp 892–895 | Cite as

Influence of Insert Configuration on the Product’s Surface Quality in Burnishing

  • A. V. SmirnovEmail author
  • V. A. KuznetsovEmail author


The use of a replaceable polyhedral insert in burnishing is considered. Specifically, the influence of the insert’s configuration on the surface quality of a steel surface after burnishing is studied in complete factorial experiments. The surface quality is assessed in terms of the mean deviation Ra of the profile; the profile’s relative reference length tp (p = 5%); the mean spacing Sm of the microprojections; and the mean spacing S of local projections. The parameters considered in determining the configuration the burnishing tool (replaceable polyhedral insert) are the interference i, the positional angle φ' of the tool around the vertical axis; and its positional angle ψ around the horizontal axis.


burnishing surface plastic deformation replaceable polyhedral inserts surface roughness product quality 



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  1. 1.Moscow Polytechnic UniversityMoscowRussia

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