Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry

, Volume 48, Issue 6, pp 491–520 | Cite as

Modern trends in tungsten alloys electrodeposition with iron group metals

  • N. Tsyntsaru
  • H. Cesiulis
  • M. Donten
  • J. Sort
  • E. Pellicer
  • E. J. Podlaha-Murphy


Theoretical and applied studies of tungsten alloys with iron group metals (Me-W) are being carried out worldwide, in the light of their versatile applications. The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of the works on electrodeposition of tungsten alloys with iron group metals, their properties and applications. There are 221 papers reviewing on the following theoretical and practical topics: chemistry of electrolytes used for electrodeposition, codeposition mechanisms, and properties of electrodeposited tungsten alloys. In addition, the formation of W(VI) and iron group metal (Me) complexes (polytungstates and complexes of Me(II) and W(VI)) with citrates and OH is analysed based on the published data and the calculated distribution of species as a function of pH (ranged from 1 to 10) is provided for solutions with/without citrates. The adduced data are correlated with the compositions of electrodeposited alloys. Various codeposition models of tungsten with iron group metals described in the literature are critically discussed as well. The peculiarities of the structure of tungsten alloys and their thermal stability, mechanical, tribological, and magnetic properties, corrosion performance, their applications in hydrogen electrocatalysis, template-assisted deposition into recesses (aimed to obtain micro- and nanostructures) are also reviewed and mapped.


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