Russian Electrical Engineering

, Volume 84, Issue 10, pp 549–555 | Cite as

Spectral characteristics of scanning converters with pulse-width and pulse-frequency-width modulations (PFWMs)

  • M. M. Dudkin
  • L. I. Tsytovich
  • O. G. Brylina


Construction principles and waveform diagrams of scanning converters (SCs) with pulse-width and pulse-frequency-width modulations (PFWMs) that are used in analog and digital control systems for valve converters are considered. Spectral characteristics of SCs of various classes in a wide frequency range of the harmonic interference signal are comparatively analyzed based on mathematical simulation in the Matlab+Simulink environment. The high interference immunity of integrating SCs with PFWMs is proved.


scanning converter pulse-width modulation pulse-frequency-width modulation integrating converter spectral characteristics interference immunity 


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  • M. M. Dudkin
  • L. I. Tsytovich
  • O. G. Brylina

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