Russian Electrical Engineering

, Volume 80, Issue 7, pp 406–411 | Cite as

Torque-power characteristics of modern wind-power facilities

  • R. I. Mustafaev
  • L. G. Gasanova


It is suggested that the torque-power characteristics of wind-power facilities equipped with electric machines with frequency converters should be considered in four regimes. The first regime is extends from the startup of a wind-power facility (WPF) to the beginning of the adjustment of its rotational frequency, the second regime is the adjustment of the WPF rotational frequency, the third regime is extends from the upper boundary of frequency adjustment to the nominal power, and the fourth regime is the nominal range of wind speeds.

Key words

wind-power facilities torque-power characteristics frequency converters rotational frequency 


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  • R. I. Mustafaev
  • L. G. Gasanova

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