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, Volume 44, Issue 6, pp 521–523 | Cite as

Methods for Ecologization of the Protection System in Pear Plantations

  • A. A. SkrylevEmail author
  • N. Ja. Kashirskaja
Crop Production


This paper presents the results of research on the use of drugs Delan (WG, 700 g/kg), Stroby (WDG, 500 g/kg), Poliram DF (WDG, 700 g/kg), Skor (EC, 250 g/L) and plant growth regulators Emistim (S, 0.01 g/L) and Epin-extra (S, 0.025 g/L) in the fight against dominant diseases in the fruit bearing plantations of the Osennyaya Yakovleva pear variety, which were carried out by the Michurin Federal Scientific Center in the conditions of growing seasons in 2011–2014. It is shown that the mono-factor application of plant growth regulators over a long period contributes to an annual increase in their biological efficacy in the control of septoriosis to 83%. The combined use of fungicides and plant growth regulators in plantations increased biological efficacy to 99.8% and reduced plant stress.


pear fungicides plant growth regulators biological efficacy 


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  1. 1.Michurin Federal Scientific CenterMichurinskRussia

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