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Phytosanitary Means of Pest Control in Grain Crops

  • M. N. Shorokhov
  • V. I. Dolzhenko
Plant Protection


The results of studying the changes in the range of insecticides for grain crop protection are presented for the period of more than 20 years. The aspects of extension are assessed for the range of insecticides used for these purposes, the peculiarities of certain chemical classes are shown along with the terms of pesticide application against various types of pests, and the dynamics of the ecological and toxicological properties of the pesticides are reviewed from 1995 up to the present day. The range of plant protection products is analyzed for the period of 1995–2017. It is shown that these changes are a continuous process that is expressed both as an increase in the total number of pesticides and as a qualitative improvement by introducing the new ones or combining the active substances of different content and formulations as well as by improving technologies and methods of pesticide application.


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  1. 1.All-Russia Research Institute of Plant ProtectionSt. Petersburg-PushkinRussia
  2. 2.OOO Innovation Center for Plant ProtectionSt. Petersburg-PushkinRussia

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