Journal of Friction and Wear

, Volume 39, Issue 6, pp 548–552 | Cite as

Wear Mechanism of Elastomers under the Direct Impact of Solid Particles in an Aqueous Medium

  • V. G. KopchenkovEmail author


A single impact of a solid particle on the surface of rubber in an aqueous medium is simulated using a special installation. An experimental study made it possible to distinguish the stages and the destruction mechanism of the rubber surface. It is established that rubber wear in an aqueous medium and air have fundamental differences. It is revealed that under low loads, the rubber surface is destroyed due to the peeling of plane rubber microfragments. Under harder loading modes, a crack forms in the center of the contact spot. Further propagation and coalescence of the cracks leads to the spalling of fragments of the material.


hydroabrasive wear of rubber wear of rubber erosion wear wear mechanism evolution of destruction direct impact of solid particles 



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  1. 1.North Caucasus Federal UniversityStavropolRussia

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