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Nonlinear Numerical Model of Friction Heating during Rotary Friction Welding

  • A. ŁukaszewiczEmail author


A calculation procedure to determine the temperature field during rotary friction welding of metal is proposed. An axisymmetric nonlinear boundary value problem of heat conduction taking into account the frictional heating of two cylinders (specimens) of finite length is formulated. It is assumed that the materials of specimens are thermally sensitive, and the friction coefficient depends on temperature. The solution of the problem is obtained by the finite element method. The numerical analysis was carried out for two identical specimens made of AISI 1040 grade steel.


friction welding friction heating temperature finite element method 



This work is a part of scientific-research project no. S/WM/1/2018, which was realised at Bialystok University of Technology.


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