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, Volume 62, Issue 8, pp 335–352 | Cite as

Predicting the Quality of OAO Altai-Koks Coke by Laboratory and Box Coking 2. Box Coking

  • Yu. A. ZolotukhinEmail author
  • S. P. OsadchyEmail author
  • E. V. DenisenkoEmail author
  • N. S. Andreichikov
  • V. V. Kuprygin
  • M. V. Zorin


By box coking of experimental batch that simulates the industrial batch at OAO Altai-Koks, a model is formulated for predicting the quality (M25, M10) of laboratory coke on the basis of the coking indices \(C{{I}^{{{{V}_{{\text{o}}}}}}}\) and CI. The relation derived between the quality (M25, M10) of the box coke and the quality (M25, M10) of industrial coke produced by wet and dry quenching permits prediction of M25 and M10 for the industrial coke on the basis of predicted or experimental M25 and M10 values for the box coke. By that means, ongoing determination of the M25 and M10 values of industrial coke produced with wet and dry quenching is possible in the following circumstances:—in correcting production batch on the basis of the coal components available in the store and other nearby coal resources;—in correcting production batch by means of outside concentrates not currently available at the plant;—in analysis of the reasons for quality changes of the coke at any moment;—in developing promising batches as the market for coking coal changes.


coal batch vitrinoid components batch composition batch quality coking indices box coking industrial coking coke quality quality prediction 



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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.AO VUKhINYekaterinburgRussia
  2. 2.OAO Altai-KoksZarinskRussia

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