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Light-Induced Gasification of Fuels Prepared from Coal-Enrichment Wastes

  • A. S. ZaytsevEmail author
  • P. P. TkachenkoEmail author
  • M. V. BelonogovEmail author
  • R. I. EgorovEmail author


The light-induced gasification of coal–water fuel slurry prepared from coal-enrichment wastes is considered. Under the action of powerful laser pulses, the coal–water slurry is converted to synthesis gas, consisting mainly of CO and H2, with admixtures of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, as well as water vapor. The targeted supply of heat to the fuel surface by the laser beam triggers pyrolysis in the irradiated region, whereas the mean temperature of the fuel portion in gasification does not exceed 100°C. The efficiency of gasification is considered as a function of the laser intensity. Above the intensity threshold (10–11 J/cm2), the efficiency of gasification falls sharply on account of the production of a fine fuel aerosol, which is dispersed from the laser spot on the fuel surface.


fuel gasification coal–water slurry waste utilization intense laser pulses fuel aerosol intensity threshold 



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