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Examples of the Best Piecewise Linear Approximation with Free Nodes

  • V. N. MalozemovEmail author
  • G. Sh. Tamasyan


The monograph published by E.Ya. Remez in 1957 addressed numerical methods with Chebyshev approximations. Particularly, the problem of the best uniform approximation of a function that is convex on an interval with continuous piecewise linear functions with free nodes was considered. In 1975, A.M. Vershik, V.N. Malozemov, and A.B. Pevnyi developed a general approach for constructing the best piecewise polynomial approximations with free nodes. The notion of partition with equal deviations was introduced, and it was found that such partition exists and generates the best piecewise polynomial approximation. In addition, a numerical method for constructing a partition with equal deviations was proposed. This paper gives three examples to describe the general approach to solving the problem of the best piecewise linear approximation with free nodes. In the case of an arbitrary continuous function, its best piecewise linear approximation in general is not continuous. It is continuous when approximating strictly convex and strictly concave functions.


Chebyshev approximations piecewise linear function partition with equal deviations 


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