Sufficient Global Stability Condition for a Model of the Synchronous Electric Motor under Nonlinear Load Moment

  • B. I. KonosevichEmail author
  • Yu. B. Konosevich


We study a model of the synchronous electric motor, which is described by a system of ordinary differential equations, including equations for electric currents in the windings of the rotor. The load moment is assumed to be a nonlinear function of the angular velocity of the rotor, allowing a linear estimate. The system of differential equations under consideration has a countable number of stationary solutions corresponding to the operating mode of uniform rotation of the rotor with the angular velocity equal to the angular velocity of rotation of the magnetic field in the stator. An effective sufficient condition is derived under which any motion of the rotor of the synchronous electric motor tends with time to uniform rotation.


synchronous electric motor global stability reduction method LaSalle invariance principle 


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  1. 1.Institute of Applied Mathematics and MechanicsDonetskUkraine

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