Mo-Based Composites Reinforced with Nb, Si, and B by Metallothermic SHS under Artificial Gravity

  • Yu. S. VdovinEmail author
  • D. E. AndreevEmail author
  • V. I. YukhvidEmail author

Composite materials (CMs) reinforced with Nb, Si, and B have high potential for turbo-engine applications [1]. Mo–Si-based composites are used in hot sections of gas turbines since the addition of Mo and Si to Mo-based composites leads to the formation of dense borosilicate glass that protects CM against oxidation.

Earlier, Mo-based solid solution with Mo3Si and/or Mo5SiB2 inclusions was fabricated from Mo–Si–B mixtures by powder metallurgy method [2] and showed high resistance to creep and oxidation [3]. Recently, dense Mo–3Nb–9Si–8B alloy (m.p. > 1950°C) was prepared by hot isostatic pressing [4]. Other methods for fabrication of CMs and items thereof involve casting, directed crystallization, additive technologies [1, 4], and SHS metallurgy [5].

This work aimed at the preparation of Mo-based composites reinforced with Nb, Si, and B by metallothermic SHS in conditions of artificial gravity.

Using thermite mix 1 and elemental mix 2 (all figures in wt %),

mix 1: MoO3 68.9, Nb2O52.4,...


combustion synthesis centrifugal SHS metallothermy Mo-based composites 



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  1. 1.Merzhanov Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science, Russian Academy of SciencesChernogolovkaMoscowRussia

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