Metallothermic SHS in Conditions of Artificial Gravity: Mathematical Modeling

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Metallothermic SHS in conditions of artificial gravity was numerically modelled for the 3NiO + 2Al → Al2O3 + 3Ni reaction taken as an example. The process was assumed to include (a) high-temperature combustion reaction yielding liquid products, (b) their gravity-assisted separation, and (c) cooling down. In our ‘throughout’ mathematical model, a three-component emulsion—gas, metal, and ceramics—with individual translational velocities and temperatures was considered. Our model may expectedly extend the range of control means for SHS reactions in extreme conditions.

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Correspondence to D. E. Andreev or P. M. Krishenik or O. A. Golosova.

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Andreev, D.E., Shkadinsky, K.G., Ozerkovskaya, N.I. et al. Metallothermic SHS in Conditions of Artificial Gravity: Mathematical Modeling. Int. J Self-Propag. High-Temp. Synth. 28, 217–220 (2019) doi:10.3103/S1061386219040022

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  • metallothermic SHS
  • artificial gravity
  • combustion
  • mathematical modeling
  • thermite reaction