Optical Memory and Neural Networks

, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp 76–83

Symmetry breaking phenomena in vector-field lasers



Polarization and phase symmetry breaking phenomena have been studied on the basis of elaborated and experimentally tested mathematical models of gas class A lasers. It is shown that, polarization symmetry breaking appears in a single-mode linear laser: for stationary regime—at the transition from the isotropic to an anisotropic cavity and destruction of the laser modes degeneracy; for periodical regime—in the presence of a sinusoidal longitudinal magnetic field on the active medium. Spontaneous phase symmetry breaking occurs in a single-mode ring laser at the transition from the running-wave to a standing-wave operation. For periodical regime this phenomenon can be accompanied by the appearance of deterministic and noise-induced chaos.


anisotropic-cavity laser symmetry-breaking bifurcations deterministic and noise-induced chaos 


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