Possibilities of Using a Local Heat Treatment to Produce New Precision Alloys

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The possibilities of using a local heat treatment to produce gradient materials, which differ from common alloys by the presence of two or more macroscopic areas with fundamentally different physical or mechanical properties, is discussed. The method to produce gradient materials representing a ferromagnetic matrix, in which the paramagnetic areas are distributed according to a preset law, is described. The fields of practical application of such materials are discussed.

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Correspondence to E. V. Pimenov.

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Translated by M. Kromin

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Pimenov, E.V. Possibilities of Using a Local Heat Treatment to Produce New Precision Alloys. Steel Transl. 49, 649–651 (2019).

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  • gradient materials
  • austenite
  • martensite
  • local heat treatment
  • magnetic properties
  • nanohardness