Ecological State of Soils and Tree Vegetation in Urban Park-recreational Landscapes (Based on the Example of Catherine Park in Moscow)

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The influence of anthropogenic activity on the quality of urban alluvial soils and conditions of growth and state of tree stands is estimated. The level of negative consequences for natural components is correlated with the degree of human effect. Moisture decreases, the humus content changes in different directions, and the pH of water and electrical conductivity increase in the soil profile. Soil densification and the inhibition of biological activity are recorded in the surface horizons. The coefficient of ecological state of soils decreases by 6–24% compared to the optimum conditions. The correlation analysis showed a significant weak inverse correlation between the state of vegetation and soil quality (the Spearman coefficient was –0.53).

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  • urbanized areas
  • urban parks
  • tree vegetation
  • soil properties
  • ecological state of soils