Analysis of the State of the Soil Microbial System under Prolonged Anthropogenic Load

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The paper presents a comparative analysis of the structural and functional characteristics of microbial communities of gray forest soil of fallow and intensively cultivated areas. The long-term anthropogenic impact with massive annual mineral fertilization when growing a monoculture of potatoes has led to degradation of the soil microbial system. A catastrophic decrease in the functional potential of the microbial system (environmental services) is shown using eco-exergy as a thermodynamic indicator of soil “health”.

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Correspondence to N. R. Emer or N. V. Kostina or A. I. Netrusov or I. S. Zhebrak or P. A. Kozhevin.

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Translated by E.V. Makeeva

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Emer, N.R., Kostina, N.V., Netrusov, A.I. et al. Analysis of the State of the Soil Microbial System under Prolonged Anthropogenic Load. Moscow Univ. Soil Sci. Bull. 74, 187–192 (2019) doi:10.3103/S0147687419040045

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  • microbial system
  • soil
  • disturbance
  • soil “health”
  • environmental services
  • exergy