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DPMine graphical language for automation of experiments in process mining

  • S. A. ShershakovEmail author


Process mining is a new direction in the field of modeling and analysis of processes, where an important role is played by the use of information from event logs that describe the history of the system behavior. Methods and approaches used in process mining are often based on various heuristics, and experiments with large event logs are crucial for substantiating and comparing developed methods and algorithms. These experiments are very time consuming, so automation of experiments is an important task in the field of process mining. This paper presents the DPMine language developed specifically to describe and carry out process mining experiments. The basic concepts of the DPMine language as well as principles and mechanisms of its extension are described. Ways of integration of the DPMine language as dynamically loaded components into the VTMine modeling tool are considered. A sample experiment of building a fuzzy model of a process from a data log stored in a normalized database is given.


process mining modeling language automation experiments fuzzy model 


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