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Theoretical Modeling of the Regular Olivine Intergrowths in Mimetic Paramorphs from Ringwoodite and Wadsleyite

  • B. B. Shkursky


This work presents the results of theoretical modeling of regular misorientations of olivine grains in mimetic paramorphs from ringwoodite and wadsleyite, whose formation is expected during the rise of material from the mantle transition zone. The coordinates of the axes and angles of misorientation, which characterize ten operations of alignment in the pair intergrowths of olivine grains, eight of which are twins, are calculated. Possible conditions for the formation of the predicted mimetic paramorphs and the chances of their preservation are discussed. The calculated orientations are compared with the known olivine twin laws.


mantle transition zone olivine ringwoodite wadsleyite mimetic paramorphs misorientation twins 


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