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Coexpression of Vimentin and Cytokeratins in Human Melanoma Cell Lines

Abstract—Molecular heterogeneity in seven human metastatic melanoma cells lines is revealed using a double immunofluorescent assay by flow cytometry. It is evaluated that quite a small population of cells (up to 10%) expressed only vimentin, the main marker of melanoma. Only epithelial cytokeratins expression is revealed in a significantly greater number of cells (from 25 to 50%). The dominant molecular phenotype (50–80% cells expressed both markers), the coexpression of vimentin and cytokeratins, is identified for the first time. The authors assume that the latter phenotype of melanoma cells may be a molecular marker of the tumor’s aggressiveness and metastatic potential.

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This study was performed as part of the research program planned at the Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center (research subject: Markers of Human Melanoma Stem Cells, registration no. AAAA-A16-116122210048-6).

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Correspondence to T. A. Bogush.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Translated by M. Novikova

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Bogush, T.A., Kaliuzhny, S.A., Basharina, A.A. et al. Coexpression of Vimentin and Cytokeratins in Human Melanoma Cell Lines. Moscow Univ. Chem. Bull. 74, 296–299 (2019).

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  • immunofluorescence assay
  • flow cytometry
  • vimentin
  • cytokeratins
  • melanoma