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Complex Research on the Composition and Microstructure of Historical Glass

Abstract—A novel method for determining the lead concentration in glass by a portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer is developed and applied to the analysis of smalts manufactured by Mikhail Lomonosov at his factory in Ust’-Ruditsa. Complex research on the microstructure and composition of the glass is carried out. The XRF method as a new approach to the study of historical glass is described.

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The authors thank V.K. Karandashev and V.A. Khvostikov for performing and discussing the LA-ICP-MS, ICP-MS, and AES analysis of the samples.

Author information

Correspondence to A. A. Drozdov.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Translated by N. Saetova

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Andreev, M.N., Drozdov, A.A. & Krasnobrov, V.D. Complex Research on the Composition and Microstructure of Historical Glass. Moscow Univ. Chem. Bull. 74, 330–338 (2019).

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  • ICP-MS
  • historical glass analysis
  • X-ray fluorescence