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Fe2+- and Er2+-intercalative modification of porous and electron structure of activated carbon and its influence on supercapacitor parameters


An influence of both porous and electron structure on the processes in an electric double layer (EDL) determining the main working parameters of carbon-based supercapacitors has been studied in order to improve them. The investigations involved impedance spectroscopy, X-ray small angle scattering, confocal micro-Raman spectroscopy, infra-red and Mössbauer spectroscopy. Fe2+- and Er2+-intercallative modifications of nanoporous carbon were performed. It was found that the modification process characteristics correlated with the structure parameters of the EDL.

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Correspondence to B. Ya. Venhryn.

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This paper was presented at the Conference Functional and Nanostructured Materials, FNMA 11, 6–9 September 2011, Szczecin, Poland.

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Venhryn, B.Y., Grygorchak, I.I., Kulyk, Y.O. et al. Fe2+- and Er2+-intercalative modification of porous and electron structure of activated carbon and its influence on supercapacitor parameters. Mater Sci-Pol 32, 272–280 (2014).

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  • Fe- and Er-intercalative modifications
  • small angle X-ray diffraction
  • specific capacity
  • nanocluster
  • nanoporous carbon
  • supercapacitor