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Synthesis and characterization of aluminosilicate and gallosilicate sodalites containing acetate ions



One pot synthetic aluminosilicate and gallosilicate sodalites containing acetate guest anion have been synthesized successfully under hydrothermal conditions at 100 °C. This paper deals with the comparison of X-ray powder data with single crystal data for Na8[AlSiO4]6(CH3COO)2 and the characterization of a new Na8[GaSiO4]6(CH3COO)2 sodalite. The products obtained were characterized by IR, X-ray powder diffraction, MAS NMR, SEM and thermogravimetry technique. Crystal structures were refined in the space group \(P\bar 43n\) from X-ray powder data using the Rietveld refinement method with the unit cell parameter a = 9.0679 Å, for aluminosilicate and a = 9.2119 Å, for gallosilicate sodalite. The aluminosilicate and gallosilicate framework shows regular bonding with bond angles of Al-O-Si = 146.241°, Ga-O-Si = 141.294°. 29Si MAS NMR chemical shift values verify Al/Si and Ga/Si ordering of the framework constituents.


hydrothermal synthesis gallosilicate aluminosilicate acetate Rietveld refinement 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Research Centre, Post Graduate Department of ChemistryHPT Arts and RYK Science CollegeNasikIndia
  2. 2.Department of ChemistryPVGs College of EngineeringNashikIndia

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