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Euryhaliotrema spp. (Monogenoidea: Dactylogyridae) Parasitic on the Gill Lamellae of Perciform Fishes in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, with the Description of Euryhaliotrema solenophallus sp. nov. from the Silver Moony Monodactylus argenteus (Linnaeus) (Monodactylidae)

  • Delane C. KritskyEmail author
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The present paper represented the third installment on the monogenoidean parasites collected during a workshop exploring the diversity of the parasites of fishes in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. Previous reports on monogenoids collected during the workshop included species parasitizing beloniform and gerreid fishes.


During January 2016, the author, having responsibility for the identification and description of monogenoids, participated in a workshop supported by an Australian Biological Resources Study Grant to Drs. Thomas Cribb and Scott Cutmore, University of Queensland, to explore the diversity of parasites infecting the fishes of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia.


Approximately 100 species of marine fishes were necropsied for parasites. Standard procedures for collecting, mounting, drawing, and measuring of monogenoids were employed.


A new species of Euryhaliotrema was collected and described from the silver moony Monodactylus argenteus (Monodactylidae) and the first recording of Euryhaliotrema spirotubiforum on the dory snapper Lutjanus fulviflamma and Russell’s snapper Lutjanus russellii (both Lutjanidae) in Moreton Bay was reported.


The results suggested that the diversity of dactylogyrids off eastern Australia is under estimated in the literature.


Monogenoidea Dactylogyridae Euryhaliotrema Euryhaliotrema solenophallus sp. nov. Euryhaliotrema spirotubiforum Monodactylus argenteus Lutjanus fulviflamma Lutjanus russellii Moreton Bay Australia 



This study was supported by an Australian Biological Resources Study Grant No. RF215-40 to Dr. Thomas Cribb and Dr. Scott Cutmore, University of Queensland, for the exploration of the parasites of fishes in Moreton Bay. Mr. John Page, Mr. David Thompson and the many students are gratefully acknowledged for assistance during the collection of the fishes. The support provided by the staff of the Moreton Bay Research Station was instrumental during the field operations.


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