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, Volume 58, Issue 1, pp 91–97 | Cite as

Studies on the life-cycle of Uvulifer iruvettiensis sp. nov. (Digenea: Diplostomidae)

  • K. T. Subair
  • R. Brinesh
  • K. P. Janardanan
Original Paper


The life-cycle stages of a new species of Uvulifer, U. iruvettiensis sp. nov. infecting the white-throated kingfisher Halcyon smyrnensis (Linnaeus) in Kerala, India are described. The new species is described in detail, and compared with its related species. The furcocercous cercariae emerged from the planorbid snail Indoplanorbis exustus (Deshayes). Metacercariae were found below the skin of tadpoles of Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis (Schneider). H. smyrnensis became infected when fed on tadpoles containing infective metacercariae. Pre-patent period is 10 days. Successive stages in the development of metacercariae and adults were followed in the laboratory.


Uvulifer iruvettiensis life-cycle Halcyon smyrnensis cercaria Indoplanorbis exustus metacercaria tadpoles Euphlyctiscyanophlyctis 


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© Versita Warsaw and Springer-Verlag Wien 2013

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of ZoologyFarook CollegeKozhikkodeIndia
  2. 2.Department of ZoologyUniversity of CalicutCalicutIndia

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