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Surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse for the woman with epispadia

  • Rosita Aniuliene
  • Povilas Aniulis
  • Vitalija Druktenyte
  • Birute Zilaitiene
Case Report


Patient K.L., 32 years old. Menses started at thirteen years old, C 5/28. Patient had two vaginal deliveries in 2004 and 2010. Dysplasia cervicis uteri CIN2-3 was diagnosed in 2007, subsequently diathermoconisation cervicis uteri was performed. The woman was born with epispadia — extrophia of urethra to abdominal wall, without pubic bone. At the age of 8 she underwent an operation in Moscow. During the operation the neck of the bladder was formed as well as urethra, which opens in vulva, place of clitoris. When she was 8 years old, her bladder capacity was 30 ml, in teenage years — 90 ml. The patient also reported history of recurrent urinary tract infections. 2011.08.02 Patient took medical advice in out patient department Kaunas university hospital with a complaint of stress urinary incontinence: when going, coughing, sneezing, doing exercises, having sex and at rest of time. Also it was the sexual intercourse problems with orgasm. She was urinating 8 times per day but none at night. Gynecological examination: absence of pubic bone, vulva is abnormal: absence of labium major and clitoris. Urethra opens into the place of clitoris. Front and back walls of vagina are moving down (POP-Q II-III stage prolapsed). Cervix of uterus is short, epithelised (after diathermoconisation). Uterus is normal in size, in retro-versio-flexio position. — without pathology. Sonography: internal genital organs without pathology. Boney, Valsalva test are positive, Ulmstein test negative. Urodynamic study revealed a bladder capacity of 134 ml, voided volume 173 ml. Pressure of detrusor — 10cmH2O. Compliancenormal, max flow rate 13,8 ml/s, voiding time 24 s. Spontaneous contractions of detrusor were not observed. Surgical treatment: 2011.10.10 TOT (tension obturator tape). Anterior and posterior colporrhaphy and perineoplastic was performed. There were no complications during and after surgery. On the 2 day after operation patient was released from hospital.


Epispadia Stress urinary incontinence Vaginal prolapse 


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  • Rosita Aniuliene
    • 1
  • Povilas Aniulis
    • 1
  • Vitalija Druktenyte
    • 1
  • Birute Zilaitiene
    • 1
  1. 1.Lithuanian University of Health SciencesKaunasLithuania

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