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Λ-modules and holomorphic Lie algebroid connections

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Let X be a complex smooth projective variety, and G a locally free sheaf on X. We show that there is a one-to-one correspondence between pairs (Λ, Ξ), where Λ is a sheaf of almost polynomial filtered algebras over X satisfying Simpson’s axioms and \( \equiv :Gr\Lambda \to Sym \bullet _{\mathcal{O}_X } \mathcal{G}\) is an isomorphism, and pairs (L, Σ), where L is a holomorphic Lie algebroid structure on \(\mathcal{G}\) and Σ is a class in F1H2(L, ℂ), the first Hodge filtration piece of the second cohomology of L.

As an application, we construct moduli spaces of semistable flat L-connections for any holomorphic Lie algebroid L. Particular examples of these are given by generalized holomorphic bundles for any generalized complex structure associated to a holomorphic Poisson manifold.


Holomorphic Lie algebroids Filtered algebras Universal enveloping algebra Lie algebroid connections Moduli spaces of flat connections Generalized holomorphic bundles 


14D20 16S30 


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  1. 1.Mathematical Physics SectorSISSATriesteItaly
  2. 2.Laboratoire Paul PainlevéUniversité Lille 1, Cité ScientifiqueVilleneuve D’Ascq CedexFrance

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